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Agents, and Houses, and Contracts, OH MY!

So, along with my (still not quite believable) win at SCBWI, I have been solicited by several agents and publishing houses, all eager to learn more about Elly the Polka Dotted Elephant. This has been both flattering and overwhelming.

If I'm getting married to an agent, they better get me a really good cake...

One agent described the relationship between writer and agent as a marriage, which fills me with both exhilaration and anxiety. How do I choose my one true love!? We haven’t even been on a “date” yet! And then there are the publishing houses, who are equally as flattering. Obviously, if I get an agent, they can help me decide which house to get involved with. I never knew I’d be in a three-way relationship, but whatever works!

Well, dear readers, I beg of you to help me remain calm. If any of you have experience with  an agent, I would love to hear your “love story” (how you met, how things are going now, who hogs the blanket, and other intimate details).

Image by Rosen Georgiev



7 thoughts on “Agents, and Houses, and Contracts, OH MY!

  1. Hey Mike. Keep calm…carry on, as they say 🙂 You have uber talent–so I am sure you and your agent will make some wonderful stuff happen. As for me, I will be interested in hearing about your agent adventure. I haven’t started looking for one in earnest, yet…so my antennae are up! Keep us posted!!!

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  3. Beth Wilborn says:

    Hi Mike,
    I love Little Elliot and I’m sooooooo inspired by your work. I am currently working on a children’s book myself. My illustrator is awesome as well. do you have any suggestions for newbies like me? I am considering self publishing but it’s a jungle in the sefl-pub world. The reviews are scary and it’s so hard to choose one who would be fair to you and actually do what they say they will do. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
    Atlanta, GA

    • Thanks so much Beth! I would definitely recommend a resource like It’s a really great resource for folks starting out (it definitely was/is for me). Best of luck!

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