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The Juggling Game

It is very late, and Adobe Illustrator is taking its own sleepy time saving my files, so I’ll write a quick catch up during each save.

When it rains, it pours, they say. I have been feeling quite drenched lately. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I am excited about every project I am working on right now, and feel very blessed to have all the work. However, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

As you may have read in previous posts, I have had sudden attention from several publishers and literary agents. It’s a bit of a fairy tale scenario for me. I’ve decided to fly to New York on Wednesday to meet with all of the agents that have shown interest in working with me. Each one is reputable, each one has their strengths, triumphs, and impressive list of artists and authors. I’ve talked to artists that each represent, and they all have wonderful things to say. I think it will just have to come down to an in-person meeting and seeing who feels like the most natural fit. What a decision! I will be sure to fill you in when I’ve made my choice.

There is much more going on behind the scenes. I have freelance gigs with Microsoft, Amazon, and Discovery Bay Games that are keeping me quite busy.

However, a friend and I are also starting a business. More to come on the specifics very soon, but I just want to say that this has been a labor of love for the past nine months, and we are just about to birth our project in a few weeks! Along with the analogy come the labor pains. There have been many late nights and tough lessons learned. We’re so close now, and I can’t wait to see it out in the world. Even now, as I restart Illustrator after an enormous file has crashed for the tenth bajillionth time, I feel the excitement of starting something my friend and I can call our own. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Hope I can keep all these balls in the air. Here’s to circus acts.


4 thoughts on “The Juggling Game

  1. Congrats…don’t question it. Enjoy it! Nothing happens “by accident.” there is a long road of hard work , sweat and tears behind every successful person. Be sure to keep us posted. I always did like jugglers.

  2. Good luck with EVERYTHING,Mike….and I can’t wait to hear about your NY trip (I hope you will tell us about it). Re: Illustrator–I feel your pain! It crashed 3 times on me last week for a total loss of about 8 hours worth of work…ARRRRGHHH!!! Exciting times for you! Yay!!

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