2012 US Tour Part 1: New York

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! I’ve been on the road (and rail and air) for a while. I think I need to break this epic journey into smaller parts, so for now I give you Part the First: New York!

It all started mid-March when I flew to NY to launch our new gay wedding invite business, Queer Getting Married, at the GLBT Expo. (You can read my last post to read all about that). Some highlights that I didn’t mention were hanging out with my girls, Julia and Allison. We’ve been supah-dupah tight since our freshmen year at Syracuse. That reminds me, I really need to share some of my college misadventures, though they are not for the faint of heart. Granted, though I was the goodie-two-shoes of the bunch, I bore witness to many a tale. I also need to do a post about Julia, who happens to be an amazing artist. Till then, I will toss you a link to her site for your viewing pleasure.

Julia & Al, my special girls

The Monday after, I stayed in the city long enough to finally walk around Highline Park and have launch with my good friend Cathy. The picture below really doesn’t do the park justice. It’s something you have to experience. It was so gorgeous out–nearly 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Coming from Seattle, this amounted to a divine blessing. I gave thanks by making an offering of fresh macarons…which I ate.

Highline Park

Later I hopped a train to my hometown of Nanuet, which the photo below does plenty of justice. I learned that the old Nanuet Mall is being torn down to be rebuilt as “The Mall at Nanuet.” And you asked yourself why I moved. I had some good quality time with the fam as I recovered from some form of bubonic plague that I managed to score the week prior. I’m usually a “rest and tea” sort of person, but since I was travelling for the next few weeks, I didn’t mess around and got me some grade A antibiotics.

Nanuet, home of "nothing really interesting at all"

I did manage to do a little work while I was home. For an hour. On my parents’ patio. I really needed to sop up as much sun as I could while I was outside of Seattle.

My new "home office"

MacGyver Season 1: Blowin' $#!t up, mullet style

Other highlights included sleep and a Blockbuster going out of business sale, where I scored $2 copies of Inception, Mad Men Season 4, and one disc from Season 1 of MacGyver, which my brother, sister, and I promptly watched upon returning to the house. I remember learning a lot from MacGyver when I was little, and I’m still learning from his big Hollywood brain. For instance, I never knew that nuclear power plants are run by three scientists and a security guard, that there are only two people employed as freelancers by the US government who know how to disarm “complicated” bombs, and that the inside of a nuclear waste disposal chamber is a good hiding place for top-secret documents. Something I did already know was that a supporting character who appears in an action show during the 80s who is either– 1. a happily married minority with children or 2. the prettier girl’s roommate– are doomed to die in some kind of horrific explosion.

The next morning, after an onslaught of hugs and kisses and stuffing a homemade Irish soda bread into my luggage, I was off to Penn Station to ride the train to Baltimore. With my new-found MacKnowledge, I was ready to face any eventuality with my friend, Lara. Tune in next post to hear all about Maryland, homemade cupcakes, and ferrets!


2 thoughts on “2012 US Tour Part 1: New York

  1. Sounds like a TRIP! Glad you got to walk the Highline. I did it time-before-last when I was in NY–it’s great! I’m also glad that you got to see the sun (I’m glad it still exists, somewhere). Hope your travels continue to be fun. 🙂

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