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Anxiety She Wrote

So, I wasn’t going to share this, so that I could spare myself any public humiliation in the event that it goes nowhere, but Brenda is pitching my book at the American Library Association conference this weekend. Since January’s events, I’ve been working on Elly’s story. I think I finally have something, but I guess we’ll see what the publishers say. I’m trying not to have high hopes or be defeatist (but instead I just jump between the two). I’ve decided I need others to be nervous with me, so please hold my cyber-hand and remind me to breathe!

Elly is also taking a moment to breathe via aromatherapy.


4 thoughts on “Anxiety She Wrote

  1. I’ve just been informed that the conference actually goes all the way to TUESDAY!!!! I might be on life support by then, so I’ll take this time to start drafting my will.

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