Farewell Little Nyika

I am so sad. The little elephant I was fostering died this morning. He was well nourished and had no infections. They think he just died of a broken heart after witnessing his mother’s murder.

My donations are being transferred to Faraja, a baby albino elephant that was recently rescues and who had made fast friends with Nyika.

Farewell little Nyika. I hope that you are at rest with your mama.

If you would like to foster an elephant or make a donation to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, please visit http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org.


One thought on “Farewell Little Nyika

  1. Michele says:

    Aww… sorry to hear Nyika has passed! I once saw a show on Discovery about these 2 elephants that were best friends that got separated… I think one may have went to a zoo and the other one a circus?? Anyhoo, years later they ended up in the same wildlife reserve, and they remembered each other!! How insane is that?? So smart and loving!

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