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Marriage Equality in Washington!!!

My company, Queer Getting Married, had the honor of being present at Seattle City Hall the first day of marriage equality in Washington. If you saw any pics from that day of people wearing ring pops, we were the people handing them out! Please watch, cry, clap, woot, and share with friends! ♥

Queer Getting Married specializes in gay wedding invites, save the dates, stationery, and any of your design needs. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Christmas List

Season’s greetings to all of my Santas, Elves, and Hanukkah Harries! As you all start scurrying around to procure holiday gifts this year, I thought I would share a little list of my favorite makers of things with you. Why not spend your money on a truly unique gift from talented people instead of buying the newest mind-numbing device at your local capital crazed mega store?

leNebulous Jewels is run my good friend Ruthie. Her pieces are a beautiful combination of shapes and materials, perfect for someone with a modern fashion sensibility. All of her creations are hand assembled.


leNebuous Jewels

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