Tudors in tha House

I am a history nerd. I am obsessed with royal bloodlines, especially that of Great Britain. The story of how the line evolved over centuries is better than any daytime soap plot I’ve seen. One of my current reads is The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. I love reading all the family trees in the appendix, but they can be quite cumbersome and hard to follow.


In this (Re)Design project, I revamped the Tudor family tree to read more clearly. Icons were used to display gender and kingship, and color was used to illustrate the actual royal bloodline. I also edited some of the content to what I thought was more relevant. Click to enlarge!




The title logo is a stylized version of the Tudor rose.





Here’s a detail of the tree…






4 thoughts on “Tudors in tha House

  1. Deb Otto says:

    I love your design work! I was wondering if you have come across any data supporting an illegitimate daughter of Jasper Tudor’s, Joan, who married William ap Yevan?

    • Thanks Deb! I have not com across anything about that. I am not really a professional historical researcher, just a designer with a penchant for English royal history 🙂 I should post another infographic I made that displays the entire royal line from Æthelstan to Elizabeth II. It was great fun.

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