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Little Elliot, BIG WINDOW


BOW_windowYesterday was the culmination of many weeks of preparing. I installed a window display at Books of Wonder, a fantasy-land of children’s literature located in Manhattan on 18th between 5th & 6th Avenues. I was asked to create a display for my impending book release (August 26th!), book release party (September 5th!), and author panel (September 7th!). It was such an honor to be asked to create a window display at such a well known and beloved store. I was kind of freaking out about what to do, especially after seeing some pretty amazing displays. Then I had a little idea that turned into a big project: What if I recreated Elliot’s apartment/world in the window? In 3-D? With cupcakes??? Here is the original sketch.

2014-07-24 13.27.26

Once I confirmed that everyone was OK with that idea, I started to recruit people who actually knew what they were doing. I hadn’t made anything out of paper mache since grade school. My friend Les St. Leon worked on various sets for Universal Studios, Disney, and zoos in multiple cities, so I thought he might be a good person to check in with. Les helped me build the foundation for Little Elliot, which is what terrified me the most. Here’s how he started out!


We used an old lamp to create a weighted base. The torso is made of foamcore circles wrapped in chicken wire. Then we covered everything in masking tape.


Les in the zone

The legs are also made out of chicken wire. The trunk is chicken wire and crumpled paper. The arms are crumpled paper. The head is a styrofoam ball. The ears are bristol and crumpled paper. Everything is covered in masking tape. Then, the next day my lovely illustration friends came over to finish taping and to start the paper mache madness.


Misa and Ruth mix the goop.



Isabel infuses Elliot with happy thoughts.


Elliot’s Angels: (left to right) Misa Saburi, Ruth Chan, & Isabel Roxas

I don’t know what I would have done without Misa Saburi, Ruth Chan, & Isabel Roxas. We got tons of work done in a few hours, instead of me sitting there covered in gunk for days. Check out their sites. You will be enchanted.

This one is just to prove that I actually did some work aside from taking photos.

This one is just to prove that I actually did some work aside from taking photos.


DSC_0002 2

Naturally, my favorite aspect of the paper mache process was that my studio smelled like baked goods from all the flour and water. Meanwhile, I had to make my own “baked goods” out of Model Magic. I balled up some newsprint and taped it tight, then attached the cupcake tops (there’s a Seinfeld joke in there somewhere), and placed each in a baking cup. I also made Mouse the same way.


I needed to find a way to make a blue poofy tail for Elliot. I found these creepy dolls at a 99 cent store, who generously donated their hair for the cause.


To get a sense for being in the big city, I drew some windows for Elliot’s apartment with a New York skyline. Conveniently, a neon sign with the name of the book was located right across the street. After I finished this, it went off to the printer. I also went fabric shopping for something that could pose as wallpaper for the backdrop.


DSC_0004sand – gesso – sand -add a mouth and eyes with Model Magic – hot glue the scary cracks that form in the jaw the next day – sand – gesso – sand


Add paint and polka dots: one cute elephant and mouse friend to order! Elliot had come to life in our home! Three guesses what he made a beeline to…


“OK, Mouse, now help me get it down!”


“Let’s start with this strawberry one!”

Elliot likes petting Kimbo. "Good puppy!"

Elliot likes petting Kimbo. “Good puppy!”

Pick out a story for bedtime, Elliot.

Pick out a story for bedtime, Elliot.

"Hey! That's me!"

“Hey! That’s me!”

Brush your teeth, Elliot! Sugar causes cavities.

Brush your teeth, Elliot! Sugar causes cavities.

Elliot and I tried to get to sleep, but we were too excited for the next day.

DSC_0003 2

Mom and Dad drove down to help me schlep Elliot, Mouse, and furniture (from some very kind friends with good taste) to the store. Isabel returned to offer a hand. Finally, Elliot was in his natural habitat: a bookstore.

Elliot feels right at home.

Elliot feels right at home.

Mouse gets the best view in the house!

Mouse gets the best view in the house!

Well, that’s all for now! The window display will be up until at least September 7th. Little Elliot, Big City goes on sale in 8 days. Head over to Books of Wonder, or your local bookstore and get your copy on August 26th!



17 thoughts on “Little Elliot, BIG WINDOW

  1. Philip says:

    Mike! This is so exciting. I love process posts anyway (I am nerdy like that), but getting to see how it turned out is fantastic. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and all that is in store!

  2. Great to see Elliot in his room, in his apartment, with the Big City in the background.
    Sure good reason to celebrate, I’ll go for chocolate with chocolate icing, cheers!

  3. KV says:

    Mike! I loved getting the backstory of your awesome, gorgeous, fun, perfect window display! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes, and congrats!

  4. SJ LAPP says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!! am cc’ing my mom and Pam and Kate who will all say they knew you when!

    thanks for b-day message and see you at the bash! x xsj   Sarah Jane > >New puzzle designs are here!


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  6. Love your book and your window display! How did you get the opportunity to display in the window. Was this something your publisher arranged? Would love to create my own window display for an upcoming book.

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