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Why Picture Books Are Important

Happy Picture Book Month everyone! It was a pleasure to be asked to be a 2015 Picture Book Month Champion . Here’s my contribution, and if you haven’t yet, please do check out the other 16 posts so far, including my friends Trisha Speed Shaskan, Julie Gribble, and Molly Schaar Idle. More to come throughout November!


Why Picture Books Are Important by Mike Curato
Picture books are important…

…because when Danny opened Locomotive, he got to go on his dream vacation across the country on a train in the 1800s.

…because Christine was in a bad mood, but when her mom read Crankenstein to her, it made her laugh.

…because when Marie opened Last Stop on Market Street, she saw people just like her.

…because Naresh always wondered where babies came from, so his dad read him The Baby Tree.

…because Suzanna felt like someone really understood what her life without sound is like when she read Wonderstruck.

…because after reading Have You Seen My Dragon? for the sixteenth time, Brandon could count to 10 all by himself!

…because when Jenny and Wanda read Frog and Toad, Jenny liked to play Frog and Wanda liked to play Toad. They read with silly frog voices.

…because after reading Louise Loves Art, Tom turned his bedroom into his own art gallery.

…because when Mihn read Where the Wild Things Are, his room turned into a forest, and he went on his own wild rumpus.

…because when Tina read Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla, it made her cry, but in a good way.

…because when my mom used to read me The Little Red Caboose every night, I didn’t feel so bad being little and last.


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