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Little Elliot and I are hitting the road next week for the Little Elliot, BIG FUN Tour! I’ll be traveling in September and November, mostly doing school visits, but here are some public events that all* are welcome to attend!

*The Reading Bug event is for librarians and educators only.

Visit my events page for more details! Want Little Elliot and me to visit your school? Book a private school visit for 2017!

To purchase copies or for more information about Little Elliot, BIG FUN, visit my website. Thanks, and see you soon!

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Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor


When I was in second grade, I remember reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats for the first time. The colors and shapes wove a spell over me. This was a world that I wanted to play in. Now, as a grown up, I get to live, play, and march through the snow in Brooklyn, where Keats set his story. This past month, I was privileged to receive the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor for Little Elliot, Big City. The little boy in me who grew up reading The Snow Day is quite proud. I hope to follow in Keats’ snowy footsteps, creating meaningful books for young readers.

Elliot and peter are friends! You can purchase them both from MerryMakers.

Elliot and Peter are friends! You can purchase them both from MerryMakers.

I am also humbled to be included amongst these other talented people:

Chris Haughton
EJK New Illustrator Award for Shh! We Have a Plan

Evan Turk
EJK New Illustrator Honor for Grandfather Gandhi

Chieri Uegaki
EJK New Writer Award for Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin

Adam Auerbach
EJK New Writer Honor for Edda: A Little Valkyrie’s First Day of School

Alan Rabinowitz
EJK New Writer Honor for A Boy and a Jaguar

Misty Copeland
EJK New Writer Honor for Firebird

You can check out the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation’s website for more details.


Inspiration Island

Coo-Coo for Cocuzza

One of my favorite people in the world is visiting me in Seattle at the moment. Julia Cocuzza is one of my college besties, and has remained so throughout the years. We spent a lot of time talking about art, critiquing each other’s work, and partaking in all forms of tomfoolery. One of our favorite pastimes was pointing at something and challenging the other to come up with the proper color palette in order to paint it. Did someone say “nerd alert?”

Julia lives and works in Brooklyn, and was born and raised in Reading, PA. Her work is mostly acrylic, oil, and/or spray paint on canvas, but she has also branched out into installation. She has experience in the illustration and fine art worlds, as well as overseeing urban mural projects. She also co-founded Griot Apparel, a t-shirt design company committed to “keep[ing] people’s history alive through talking about it.” Check out her Etsy store where you can purchase prints. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of Julia’s…

Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Side
oil on canvas / 12×24″ / 2007

Under Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Side
oil on canvas / 17×25″ / 2007

Manhattan Cityscape (Springtime)
oil on canvas / 9×50″ / 2006

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